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Bromley Business

Index of Businesses Mentioned in the Bromley Atlas of Bergen County
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Banks & Trust Co.

Citizens Nat. Bank 07E
Hamilton Trust Co. 31W
Palisade Trust Co. 07E
People's National Bank 17W


Hanfield, Benj. Brick Yard 15W
Haworth Stone & Bldg Co. 22E
Leonard & Gardner Brick Yard 15W
Luckhardt, Wm. Marble Yard 01E
Mehrhof, N. & Co. Brick Yards 09W
NY & NJ Brick Co. 07W
Schmults, Edw. Brick Yard 15W
Treviranus & Garoner Brick Yard 09W

Farms & Dairies

Birchwood Farm 32W
Bonny Brook Farm 33W
Borden Milk Co. 16W
Cedar Hill Farm 31W
Cedar Valley Farms 26E
Delford Stock Farm 22E
Doroskill Farms 22E, 23E, 24E
East Sides Farm 31W
Echo Farm 21E
Erie Hotel 04W
Ettric Farm 31W
Hilbers Milk. 17W
Hillside Farm 31W
Liberty Squab Farm 07E
Maple Grove Farm 31W
Mountain Side Farm 33W
New York & New Jersey Poultry Farm 24E
Noyes Chicken farm 18E
Ramapo Farm 33W
Ritterson Chicken Farm 17E
Roadacres Farms 28E
Robinson, F. W. Chicken farm 21E
Sunnyside Dairy Farm 31W
The Knolls Farm 32W
The Lords Farm 27W
Valley Farm 33W
Valley View Farm 33W
Vegetable Farm 31W
Vygeberg Farm 32W

Florists & Nurseries

Asmus, E. A. Florist 26E
Bobbink and Atkins 04W, 05W, 06W
Encke, H. Florist 13E
Hugus, H., Florist. 16W
Knickerbocker Nursery 07E
Lydecker Florists 08E
Madser & Christensen Florists 10W
McQuaid Bros. Florists 07E
Rosa Villa Nursery 08E
Rosewood Nursery 27E
Snyder Florist 23W

Hotels & restaurants

Amos Restaurant 16W
Anderson Hotel 02W
Belmont Park Hotel 12W
Bender's Hotel 01E
Berry's Cr. Hotel 08W
Bijou Theatre 16W
Borough Hotel 06W
Brookside Inn Hotel 32W
Burns Hotel 04E
Butler's Hotel 10E
Clinton Inn 18E
Cooks Hotel 06W
Dietrichs Home & Hotel 06W
Doremus Hotel 27W
Gellas Park Hotel 03E
German Castle Hotel 12W
Grantwood Hotel 02E
Hotel Buena Vista 03E
Hotel Villa Richard 04E
Lafayette Hotel 02W
N. Arlington Hotel 07W
National Hotel & Hall 16W
Nefligh Hotel 08W
New Bridge Hotel 16E
Northern Hotel 18W
Nungesser Hotel 01E
Old Homestead Hotel 16W
Overpeck Park Hotel 12E
Park Hotel 04E
Pavillion Hotel 15W
Pleasant Valley Hotel 02E
Pompton Lake Inn 32W
River Edge Hotel 35W
Riverside Hotel 08W
Robertsford Hotel 12W
Schlossers Hotel 04E
Susquehanna Hotel 16W
Teaneck Inn 14E
The New Venice Hotel 04E
Union Hotel 04W, 24E
Valley Hotel 18E
Wakefield Hotel 03W
Whitehouse Tavern 02E
Willow Tree Hotel 21E
Wooby, P. Hotel 02W
Worthington Hotel 18W

Houses (Named)

American House 02W
Audubon House 03W
Baker Homestead 16E
Bancroft, The 17W
Brook Hollow 32W
Brookside 31W
Brownson, The 17W
Calderwood 32W
Cedar Crest 32W
Cedar Croff 27W
Cedars, The 27W
Clara Villa 04E
Colonial Pines 26W
Echo Glen 27W
Elms, The 16W
Etna House 21W
Gables, The 31W
Glen Cap 31W
Green, The 16W
Franklin House 16W
Hamilton Building 16W
Hazelwood on Ramapo 33W
Hill Top 31W
Hillsdale House 29W
Hillside 31W
Hillslope Farm 33W
Homestead, The 03E
Jefferson Place 31W
Lakeview 32W
Linwood House 04E
Manor House 29W
Mansion House 16W
Maples, The 03W
McFadden Building 16W
Morton House 17W
Nutshell, The 24E
Palisade House 08E
Pearce Building 17W
Pine Tree Cottage 21W
Red Gables 21W
Riverview 33W
Rose Crest 21W
Rouclere House 25W
Singing Water 31W
St. Johns Home 27W
St. Michaels Villa 05E
Stone Acres 31W
Summer Rest 27W
Summerland Home 23E
Thelton Manor 27W
Valley View 32W
Warner, The 17W
Westwood House 28W
White Line House 06W
Wildcrest 27W

Industries (Manufacturing)

American Buckram Co. 11W
American Ink Co. 18W
American Paper Co. 13E
Anderson Chemical Co. 06W
Barrett Mfs Co. 01E
Barrett, Palmer & Heal Dye Works 09E
Batlerson & Ersele Marble Wks. 02E
Becton Dickerson Co. 04W
Bellmans Brook Bleachery 01E
Bergen Industries Co. 07W
Botany Worsted Mills 12W, 13W
Braender Rubber Tire Co. 05W
Brewster, F. H. Saw Mill 27E
Buckley & Godstrev Bldg Mat. 01E
Bulls Ferry Chem. Co. 01E
Campbell Mfg Co. Bottlers 02W
Citro Chemical Co. 19W
Corn Products Refining Co. 01E
Dupont Powder Co. 04E
Eagle Mfg Co. 04W
Englewood Cement Prod. Co. 08E
Federal Fibre Co. 32W
Ferber, F. V. Constr. Co. 18W
Flinkote Mfg. Co. 05W
Fuchs & Lang Mfg. Co. 05W
Garfield Worsted Co. 12W
General Chemical Co. 01E
Georgian Textile Mills 04W
Granite Linen Co. 26W
Hackensack Auto Co. 17W
Hackensack Specialty Mfg Co. 16W
Heiden Chem. Works 11W
Hemming Mfg Co. 11W
Laurel Rubber Co. 11W
Leslie Co. Brass Works 02W
Little Ferry Paper Co. 12E
Low Paper Co. 10E
New Jersey Paper Tube Co. 09E
North Jersey Construction Co. 25W
NJ Furniture & Woodworking Co. 03W
NJ Toy & Novelty Co. 05W
NY Worsted Spinning Co. 11W
Oradell Feed & Grain Co. 22W
Passaic Knitting Works 11W
Pratt Chemical Wks 16W
Pure Oil Co. 06W
Richter Mfg Co. 18E
Rutherford Rubber Co. 05W
Schaefer Brewing Co. 21E
Standard Essence Co. 19W
Standard Oil Co. 08E
Union Bronze Co. 03W
United Cork Co. 02W

Industries (Other)

Abbott Piano factory 05E
Bergen County Candy Co. 16W
Bergman Piano Factory 17E
Champion Film Co. 05E
Cider Mill 16E
Consolidated Market 16W
Cook & Son Bookbindery 04E
Dunns Express 16W
Eclair Film Co. 04E
Frank Young Supply Co. 16W
Gaudy & Obert Grist Mill 27W
Hales Camera Co. 25W
Hartmanns Embroydery Co. 12W
Kanouse Co. (spring water) 32W
Loag, F. R. Co. Bridge Builders 13E
Martin Cider Mill 17E
Mence's Blacksmith Shop 28E
Midland Linseed Oil Co. 02E
Mutual Insurance Co. 21W
Pears Storage 08E
Pridgeon's Bakery 17W
Stickel Ice Cream Co. 16W
Stickles Bakery 17W
United Piece Dye Works 13W
Valvoline Oil Co. 01E, 02E, 13E, 32W
Warner Sugar Refinery 02E
Webb Folding Box Co. 13E
Wostbrock Embroidery Mills 26W

Laundries & Bleacheries

Matthews Laundry 16W
Millbank Bleachery 14W
Ramapo Bleachery 31W
Riverside Laundry 18W
Standard Bleachery Co. 05W

Lumber, Coal, Ice & Grain

Anderson Lumber Co. 06W
Bogert (A. C.) Coal & Lumber 35W
Brewster & Son Coal & Lumber 12E
Brewster Coal & Lumber Yard 24E
Brewster Lumber & Coal 18E
Cooper Lumber Co. 04W
Cooper Lumber Yard 02W
Cresskill Lumber 21E
Dumont Coal & Lumber Co. 20E
Felter Coal Co. 13E
Ferdon, H. S. Coal Yard 09E
Gerritsen & Steward Lumberyard 11W
Grantwood Lumber Co. 02E
Hackensack Coal & Lumber 17W
Harsoon Coal Yard 16W
Hemion Coal & Grain Co. 06W
Holley & Smith Hay & Grain 17W
Huyler, C. F. Coal Yard 16W
Kiesewetter, L. Co. Coal Yard 02W
Mowerson, W. W. & Sons Coal & Lumber 18E
Nickerson Hopper Lumber Co. 25W
Palisade Park Lumber & Supply Co. 10E
Parteyn & Son Lumber 10E
Passaic Lumber Co. 06W
Payson, C. H. Coal Yard 08E
Prentice Coal Yard 07E
Schnepp, L. H. Coal & Feed 13E
Tuttle Bros. Coal Yard 07E
VanSaun, H. H. Coal & Ice. 17W
Westwood Coal & Lumber Co. 28W
Williams Coal & Grain Co. 04W


Arcola Country Club 21W
Bergen County Alms House 21W
Bergen County Childrens' Home 16W
Boarding School for Girls 06E
Boiling Springs Fishing & Gun Club 04W
County Alms House 17E
Coytsville Casino 04E
Daisy Fields Home for Cripples 07E
Edgewater Motor Boat Club 02E
Felician Sisters, Order of 11W
Franklin Society 22E
Fresh Air Home 31W
Institute of Holy Angels 04E
Mary Fisher Home 18E
N. Y. Public Library 17E
Palisade Amusement Park 02E
Ramapo Hills Sanatorium 32W
Society for Aid of Friendless Women 23E, 25E
St. Joseph Home for Orphan Boys 05E

Realty & Land Companies

Aleda Realty Co. 09E
Alison Land Co. 06E
Allison Land Co. 04E, 05E, 19E
Allwood Realty Co. 29W
Alma Land Co. 13E
Alpine Land Co. 05E, 21E, 25E, 26E
Bellport Land Co. 13W
Belmont Land Assoc. 12W, 13W
Bergen Land Co. 13E
Bergen Realty Co. 18W, 19W
Bergenfield realty Co. 17E
Cliffside Park Realty Co. 01E
Columbia Property Co. 23W
Columbia Real Estate Co. 10E
Corsa Realty Co. 25W
Davis Land Co. 18W
Delford Land Co. 22E
Demarest Real Estate Co. 23E
Dundee Lake Imp. Co. 34W
E. Paterson Co-Operative Land Co. 34W
Edgewater Realty Co. 05E, 08E
Englewood & Palisade Dev. Co. 19E
Englewood Homes Co. 08E
Englewood Improv. Co. 08E
Englewood Realty Co. 05E
Eric Land Co. 31W
Fair View Land Co. 25W
Fairlawn Land Imp. Assn. 34W
Floral Heights Realty Co. 13E
Hackensack Heights Ass. 16W, 19W
Hackensack Impr. Commission 16W, 17W
Hackensack Land Co. 19W
Hasbrouck Heights Development Co. 10W
Hasbrouck Tunnel Realty Co. 10W
Hatfield Bazire Realty Co. 10W
Henderson, Peter D. Land Co. 20W
Herrich Realty 14E
Highwood Land Co. 25W
Hillview Land Co. 26W
Holland Improvement Co. 10W
Holland Realty Co. 09W
Hudson Englewood Realty Co. 04E, 05E
Hudson Heights Realty Co. 01E
Hudson Realty Co. 03E
Hudson River Realty Co. 09E
Interstate Land Impr. Co. 24W
Jersey City Bldg & Loan Ass. 32W
Jersey Meadowland Co. 14E
Jersey Realty Co. 18W
Knickerbocker Realty Co. 07E, 17E
Lafayette Terrace Land Co. 08E
Linden Realty Co. 08E
Meadows Imp. Co. 07W
New York & New Jersey Realty Co. 10E
New York & Staten Island Land Co. 19E, 25-26E
New York Suburban Realty Co. 13W
Niblick Realty Co. 05E
Nordhoff Land Co. 04E, 05E
Norwood Improv. Co. 27E
NY & NJ Realty Co. 02E
NY & NJ Investment Co. 35W
Oakland Land Co. 33W
Oakland Realty Co. 32W
Oradell Heights Land Co. 21W, 22W
Palisade Home Dev. Co. 02E
Palisade Land Co. 26E
Palisades Realty Co. 10E
Paramus Land Co. 25W
Probst Linden Realty Co. 05E
Ramapo Realty Co. 32W
Realty Trust Co. 17E
Ridgefield Land & Building Co. 12E
Ridgewood Development Co. 26W
Ridgewood Park Co. 24W
River Edge Land Co. 35W
Rochelle Park Land Co. 35W
Saddle River Land Co. 34W
Smith Singer Realty Co. 23W
South Ridgewood Impr. Co. 23W
Suburban Building Assoc. 15W
Suburban NY Realty Co. 04E
Susquehanna Realty Co. 26W
Tenafly Realty Co. 18E
Travers Realty Co. 02W, 07W
United Realty & Mortgage Co. 07W
United States Land & Home Co. 35W
Waldwick Land Co. 31W
Waterfront Impr. Co. 01E
West Englewood Home Corp. 15E
West Englewood Land & Impr. Co. 15E
WhiteHead Land Co. 34W
Williams Land & Building Co. 10W, 13W

Stables & Garages

Becon's Garage 17W
Brewster, E. M. Stables 18E
Briggs Stables 16W
De Mott Boarding Stables 08E
Demarest Livery Stables 28W
Ferdon, H. S. Livery Stables 09E
Fiss, Doerr & Carroll Horse Co. & Riding Stables 13E
Fiss, Doerr & Carroll Horse Co. 14E
Gimbel Bros. Garage 16W
Kingsland Stables 17W
Park Stables 16W
Wells-Fargo Stables 07E


Iron Steamboat Co. 03E
Manhattan Motor Launch Co. 13E
NJ & Hudson River Ferry Co. 02E
New York Cab Co. 26E


Ackerman Bros. 29W
Aikin Bros. 27W
Armour Co. 16W
Barber & Co. 06E
Barnes Bros. 18E
Beyen & Peake 16W
Browne Bros. 07E
Burdette & Demott 05E
Burdette & O'Neil 04E
Burroughs & Neely Co. 13W
Burrows & Neeley 15W
Burrows Neely Co. 14W
Cadwalder & Strong 26W
Campbell Morrell Co. 02W
Chamberlain Co. 20W
Charles & Williams 04W
Ciser, J. & Sons 04W
Coe & Phelps 05E
Cole & Davenport 11W
Columbia Co. 02E
Cook Bros. 08W
Coover Hitchcock Co. 09E, 13E, 14E
Cragin Mfg Co. 04W
De Boer & Spenstra 13W
De Gray & Co. 26W
Denkin, Geo. & Sons. 04W
Depken, C. & Son. 10W
Dougherty & Ziegler 32W
Dubois, Munson & Warner 27E
Elliott & Allison 03W
Fetter Bros. 16W
Forstmann & Huffmann 12W
Foster & Bucknell 17W
Fuchswanger & Co. 09W
Ghering & Co. 29W
Glen Rock Compy 23W
Gorham & Jackson 08E
Gramush Bros. 04W
Gregg Co. Limited 14W
Haarman Delaire Shaeffer Co. 19W
Haight & Blokus 13E
Hasselhahn, K. & Son 08W
Heller Bros. 07W
Henry W. Plant & Co. 06W
Hird, Samuel & Sons. 12W
Hohne & Hastings 05W
Houstis & Meridel 24W
Hunter, J. M. & Son 08E
Hutton & Fornachon 25W
Jas. Pyle & Sons 01E
Johnson & Pell 18W
Kessler Bros. 32W
Krone Bros. 18W
Lehnig & Winnifield. 15W
Mattlage & Bahrenberg 06E
Mattlage, C. F. & Bahrenburg 06E
McDermott , Zabriskie et al. 21W
Meara & Kearns 23E
Miller & McCullough 16E
Miller & Nichols 06E
Mitrig & Vogler 30W
Montgomery & Coe 05E
Morse & Hill 02E
Park Bros. 27W
Pell & Johnson. 21W
Phelps & Bliss 19E
Phelps & Wetmore 05E
Phillip, E. T. & Co. 17W
Roehr, Julius Co. 05W
Ross & Beirne 02E
Ryan & Slocum 04E
Schenk Bros. 02E
Schwartzenback-Huber Co. 15W, 16W
Shark Bros. 05W
Shivler & Wilbur 07E
Silkworth & Meeks 22E
Smith Singer Co. 31W
Smith, F. G., Co. 31W
Spencer Kellog Co. 01E
Steenland Bros. 10E
Stevenson Van Houghton et al. 24W
Thompson, Beasley & Sneden 26E
Thomson & Sievers 15W
United Owners 14W
VanHoughton, Stevenson et al. 24W
VanWagner & Scott 20E
VanWinkle, A. W. Co. 07W
Walter Bros. 21W
Warner Bros. 27E
Weatherby & Co. 18E
Weatherly & Co. 08E
Wentworth & Parr 27W
Wile & Herrscholt 11E
Zahn & Bowey Co. 05W
Zurhyde Bros. 07W


Englewood Sewerage Co. 08E
Hackensack Water Co. 06E, 21-22W, 28-29W
North Side Sewer Co. 09E
New York Edison Co. 01E
South Side Sewer Co. 09E